A Bit About me


My passion for building traditional style acoustic instruments is a natural progression of a life-long love of fine woodworking and acoustic music. I have spent most of my life relentlessly perfecting my skills as a craftsman and have spent considerable time working and learning from accomplished luthiers and experienced woodworkers. My past endeavors have included professional antiques restoration, woodcarving, cabinet building and the restoration of classic cars and boats. 

Mike Franks in his workshop.

Mike Franks in his workshop.

I construct my instruments with the belief that fine, repeatable acoustics have everything to do with solid design, choice materials and exacting construction.   I take particular care in the selection of materials and  accept no compromise for their aesthetics and tonal superiority.  

I am very fortunate to have formed lasting friendships with my customers, a good number of whom are professional musicians.  I have also had the past privilege of serving for 5 years on the board of the Association of String Instrument Artisans (ASIA)  through which I have formed relationships with many of the fine Luthiers, Inlay Artists and Materials Suppliers in the industry.

My many interests include flying, live acoustic music and spending time in the great Michigan outdoors.